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TM Robot Management API

Nowadays, businesses are introducing IoT management systems into their factories. Collects data from all equipment and devices for monitoring and analyzing. Our TM Robot Management API assists system developers to integrate TM Robots into their existing system with ease. Thus, helping factory owners to enhance business value and ROI leveraging IoT.

Product Overview

TM Robot Management API is a API service for system developers to integrate TM Robot with methods such as WebAPI, GRPC, and RabbitMQ Client transfer services. Developers can use their familiar programming language to obtain basic cobot information, project lists and variables to use in advanced functions and deploy projects to the cobot arm.

Monitoring Cobot Status

Immediately monitor the status of the cobot arm, such as execution status, light status, speed, TMflow version, and etc.

Data Collection

Easily collect the operational data and project variables for data analysis of the production process

Project Management

Obtain project lists and upload/download projects to switch the preset project

Using TM Robot Management API to customize
a business management system suitable for your Industry

Example developed using TM Robot Management API (User interface is not included in this API)