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Begin Your Welding Journey with Advanced Technology

Software packages to make welding easier

Welding Solution

The welding solution is designed for welding applications. Extend flange buttons with built-in welding functionality allow you to leverage welding parameters such as current, speed, and more. Optimize your welding processes with cobots to achieve optimal results efficiently with this solution.

Welder Shortage Challenges

The global scarcity of skilled welders presents an urgent and significant challenge. What are the potential solutions to this issue?

Higher Costs

Labor Shortage

Safety Issues

Environmental Hazard

How to Duplicate?

Quality Control

From Manual Welding to Collaboration

Elevate Welding Efficiency with Our AI Cobots – Less Labor, More Output

From This

Welding remains crucial in the metalworking industries, but many challenges still persists, such as environmental hazards, and labor shortages of skilled welders for quality consistency.

To This

Cobots allow skilled welders to supervise multiple robots at once, boosting productivity and efficiency. AI-powered cobots can optimize operations, leading to consistent quality outcomes.

Advantages of a Cobot Welder

Intuitive User-Interface

● A flow-based UI, designed for operators of any skill level
● Programming becomes simple and accessible, eliminating the need for extensively trained programmers
● Welding parameters can be easily edited, giving operators full control over the settings


Flexible Solution

● Unparalleled flexibility due to its lightweight design that enables easy relocation as needed
● Eliminate the need for safety fences and reduces space requirements
● Edit welding tasks with easy re-programming capabilities, suitable for high-mix production


Ensure Stable Result & Reduce Risk

●  Achieve stable welding results that are easy to manage and seamlessly scale up or down
●  Effectively reduce costs and risk of occupational health and safety for personnel with fewer workers needed on site



Benefits of Integration 


Intuitive flow programming, making it accessible even for beginners. All operations are streamlined within a single user interface for ease of use.


Designed to support standard I/O and Modbus connections, allowing it to control a wide range of welders available in the market.


Most commands can be done with built-in end buttons, make it extremely easy to operate for everyone.

Welding Node

Welding Node stands out as a key welding solution, offering a ready-to-use user interface for seamless control of your welding machine. Its design centralizes most operations into a single, intuitive interface, enabling users to master it within minutes. Using this node helps simplify the welding process, making it accessible and efficient for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Welding like a Pro with Our Simplified Approach

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