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Clone Your Robot Programs Easily and Swiftly!

Quickly deploy AMMR robots on your production line

AMMR Cloning Solution

AMMR (Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Robot) often face situations where multiple robots perform the same tasks. With the AMMR cloning solution, you can quickly and painlessly clone a robot project to other robots, skipping the time-consuming process of manually adjusting each robot for the same task. You can achieve consistent performance across all robots and enhance overall productivity.

From Manual Adjustment to Fast Deployment

Make the cloning process simple with no need for manual adjustment of positions – less labor cost, and higher setup efficiency

From This
In the automation of production lines, deploying multiple robots is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. To ensure that all robots’ movement points are exactly the same, each robot must be manually adjusted individually.
To This
After the project is cloned, the robots only need to go through the designated automatic calibration process to achieve the exact same movement path, minimizing the point movement error between multiple robots.

Robot Cloning Problems and Solutions

Human error in locking the robot base

Human error in robot base attachment Robots are installed on bases with assembly errors, causing inconsistency in the coordinate reference points of different robots.


Introduce visual coordinate positioning, using vision to compensate for the difference in robots’ coordinate reference points.

End-of-arm tool manufacturing and installation errors

End-of-arm tool manufacturing and installation errors The tool manufacturing process has tolerances, and there are assembly errors when the tool is installed on the robot flange.


 Introduce automatic visual TCP correction to obtain the position of the tool’s end point.

Clone New Robot Programs in Minutes


Original robot writes the point in the visual coordinate system.


Import the written project into the new robot.


The new robot completes visual TCP correction.

Quickly Build Your Robot Army

With the AMMR cloning solution, you only need Techman's built-in vision paired with the TM TCP Calibriation Kit.