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Create custom plug-ins to craft a unique user experience!


TMcraft is a new architecture that allows you to create your own customized UI or background program and embed it onto TMflow, our cobot programming software. It offers the freedom to develop third-party plug-and-play applications using C# and WPF development. TMcraft gives you more freedom and flexibility while enhancing production efficiency.

Who is it suitable for?

Equipment Providers

Third-party equipment providers, such as: grippers, electric screwdrivers, protocol converters, assist users in rapid setup through customized interfaces, improving application development efficiency.

Application Service Providers

One-stop applications, such as welding, stacking, machine tool loading and unloading, application service providers can integrate know-how with a simple interface, enabling customers to more intuitively and conveniently set or adjust applications, increasing usability flexibility.

TMcraft offers 4 types of plug-ins for development​


Often times the cobot and equipment uses different systems, requiring middleware for interaction. By using TMcraft Service to develop background service, you can introduce new functionalities beyond TMflow.


Create exclusive customized nodes that uses TMflow's flowchart-style projects to meet customer application needs.


Customized toolbars provide auxiliary and convenient functions, offering the best user experience.


Full-page customized HMI, to more completely grasp the customer's user experience, achieving integration of application setting wizards and multi-functional dashboards.