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Eyes in Every Corner: Seamless Vision Integration for Full Factory Coverage

Are you facing challenges to set up pure visual working areas in your factory? Or do you need multiple cameras within a single visual working zone? TM AI+ AOI Edge is an innovative software solution designed to enhance the visual capabilities of workstations by integrating advanced vision functions.
This software can be installed on the Industrial PC (IPC) at your designated workstation. Once installed, it enables the IPC to connect to the camera and unlocks TMvision functions on the IPC to perform a variety of vision tasks including object identification, image enhancement, measuring, etc. With TM AI+ AOI Edge, you can easily set up cameras and enhance your factory’s visual capabilities while optimizing implementation costs.

Product Features

Intuitive User-Interface

TMflow is quick to learn and simple to operate

Trouble-Free Camera Integration

Supports TM Plug&Play, eliminating the need to search for compatible cameras

High Cost Performance

Offering comprehensive vision functions at a competitive price

Elevate Visual Performance and Centralize Data Management
with TM AI+ Training Server

TM AI+ AOI Edge can be used with TM AI+ Training Server as an add-on feature. When cameras are connected, the software will automatically upload images to the training server for AI model generation, empowering cameras to perform complicated vision tasks based on the trained AI models.

To manage multiple cameras within the same area network, you can access TMflow Client for real-time status, working progress, and centralized camera control. This streamlines operations for better efficiency and comprehensive visual data management.


*TM AI+ AOI Edge requires the installation of a specific camera driver. Please visit the Download Center on Techman Robot’s website to download and view the product manual for more information.

**TM AI+ AOI Edge can be used with an extensional IO Card which is nominated by Techman Robot. Please click here to learn more.