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TM TCP Calibration Kit

Calibrate a TCP and compensate for tool and installation discrepancies To enable customers to efficiently perform auto-TCP calibration, replicate a production line, and change a

TM Screen

TM Screen is a touch screen for the TM AI Cobot S Series. Users can combine Robot Stick with the TM Screen into a teach

Polarizer Light Module

Improves the reflection effectively caused by the robot’s own light source on the surface of highly reflective objects.

Robot Training Kit

The Robot Training Kit is built to assist users with different background to learn and obtain the ability to operate TM Robot and leverage its


External Power Supply

When the power supply which is in control box of mobile series can’t produce enough output power for operating TM Robot, the user can use


TM Robot Stick Stand

Convenient for you to properly mount TM Robot Stick Standin the automatic setting. Can be used for desktop/wall-surface mounting TM Robot Stick Stand can be

TM Mobile Workstation

TM Mobile Workstation is a convenient tool users to organize and store TM Robot, control box and other components. Users can move TM Mobile Workstation

TM Robot Stand

TM Robot Stand is a convenient tool users to adjust the height of platform. Users can move TM Robot Stand with TM Robot to different